Victoria Lichtman

Victoria Lichtman has always been a healer. Her earliest memories are dreams of creating a sacred space where people could come… a safe haven… a place to retreat to and recharge when life becomes challenging, or beats us down; a place to stay centered, grounded and aware; a place that reminds us we have wings… and that we can soar.

Victoria Lichtman

Founder, Nightly Healing

Private Sessions with Victoria

Victoria is deeply passionate about living a life dedicated to Service, and bringing a message of love, wholeness and empowerment to all who want it. Her personal mission is to be a significant force in the humanitarian effort to bring peace and healing to this world. She is deeply inspired by those who have reached out in a global effort and collaborates with them in every way possible. Founding and developing Nightly Healing was born from this inspiration. It is life’s expression of her soul’s desire.

Exquisitely sensitive to the suffering of others, Victoria has a ‘way’ of relating to people, from pre-teens to octogenarians. She expresses loving kindness and compassion in a way that creates a sacred and safe space that facilitates transformation. By virtue of her sensitivity, and some 30 years of education and learning, she is gifted with the ability to help her clients remove the blocks that keep them from living a vibrant and happy life.

Her personal journey has taken her through many spiritual and emotional healing venues…until she finally stopped skipping over the stepping stones and dove deeply enough within to finally experience true healing and lasting change.

Victoria now has profound appreciation for life, the ability to choose who she is at any moment and where she is on her path… one traveled from self-hatred to a path of self-acceptance and self-love.

In the academic world, Victoria has an MPS in Counseling with a specialty in Life Transitions; is twice certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); is experienced in hypnosis; is certified as a Life Coach; as an Accredited Journey™ Practitioner and as a Conscious Leadership Coach.

In my personal life I enjoy and find deep fulfillment in my work, my friendships and my animals. I live in Florida, not far from the beach, in a beautiful little home. My desk faces my backyard filled with birds and squirrels eating and drinking from feeders and pretty fountains, constantly teasing the dogs and providing endless entertainment for us all. My beloved dogs are always with me… under my feet… gently touching …surrounding me with love.

Victoria, along with running Nightly Healing, is an international speaker, presenter, consultant and coach. She has a private practice, working with people nationally and globally…in groups and with individuals. She has been honored to work with people in all life’s transitions…from giving birth to leaving this world.

Her dynamic workshops include: Healing Ourselves: Body, Emotions and Spirit; Forgiveness: A Conscious Choice; Awareness 101: The Basics of Knowing Oneself and Living by Choice, and Deconstructing God, A call to Purpose and Meaning. All workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs of your group, organization or company. Workshops are interactive and experiential; based on self awareness, filled with tools for communication and living in authenticity... and geared to inspire and empower us to live at our highest potential in all areas of our lives.

Shine. Be free. All is well.

Be gentle with you.

Victoria Lichtman

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I once heard that, “Your life is God’s gift to you. What you do with it, is your gift to God.”

My gift to God is the work I do.

I offer it with inner knowing, gratitude,

strength and joy.

And my gift to you, dear friend,

is Nightly Healing.


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