Praises For Nightly Healing™

Dear Vicki, I can not thank you enough for having started Nightly Healing. For giving us this chance to have a quiet time every day. Because of the time difference with Switzerland, I do not listen to it live. But I can have the replay to start my day, or to wind down in the evening, or any time I feel like it.
With thanks and blessings

Chris W

Hi Vicky – I am new to Nightly Healing — just a couple of weeks…it is already helping me so greatly that I had to express my appreciation to you. I am a psychologist healing from a stroke and on a journey back to ???. I think that Nightly Healing is helping me to rediscover myself and my purpose in life…
With love and gratitude,

Juliana Fiore

Hello. Your “Nightly Healing Call’ “called” me…. There are so many of us who are faced with sorrow, grief and sadness. The nights are the hardest because there is the quiet – the stillness that is not present during the rush of the daytime hours when there is always another project or item on the check list. It is the long nights that are the most challenging for someone as myself who all-too recently lost someone so very dear. Thank you for being there.”
Be well.


Hello, this is Sevasti from the island of Rhodes in Greece. I am so lucky to have found you and I listen to your recording every day.

Sevasti, Greece

Thank you so much for giving us Nightly Healing. I know there is someone I can turn to at the end of the day. God Bless You.


Thanks Victoria. It is comforting to know that the nightly healing call is available to lend support for our individual healing and for healing the planet. Thank You for serving me in this way.”
With gratitude and blessings,

Leah S., Canada

Hi Victoria. I loved your process…While participating last night, my pain level started right up at 100%; at the end, it was 50%.


Thank you for tonight’s message. I was feeling so alone and I tuned into to the show tonight. Your sharing so touched my heart and I did the gratitude list as suggested. After that I didn’t feel so alone and I am right where I am suppose to be and so grateful to have been in the right place tonight. I above all others am most richly blessed.


I’m responding with admiration, from France … Thank you for this highly professional service.


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I’ve not made it to the calls recently and am going to make it back more regularly. I sense this is a right path for me to get back home. I just need to soak up some fragment of positivity from somewhere. Something inside me is just exhausted and beaten down. I tell you all this because I’m beginning to feel encouraged by the calls. And that’s a great thing for me! God bless you for continuing to have this stable community meeting regularly. You can’t know what a life-line it is to those of us who find ourselves floundering out there in the ocean all alone!
Hugs & Love,


Every time, I come on the Nightly healing call, I get a healing.

Jocelyne, Canada

Thank-you for holding this wonderful space for us to open our hearts and ask for help with what we desire most…

Melissa S.

It gives me great peace to know that I am not alone. Knowing that Nightly Healing is there every night is such a blessing. Thank you for being here for me and all of us.

Ann G.

I have been listening to nightly healing for a few weeks very consistently. I am finding more peace throughout my day and and more joy in my heart due to the meditations. I look forward to hearing the next bit of new knowledge each presenter brings. Its nice to have a variety of presenters. It’s always an awesome way to start my day, which is when I have chosen to listen in. That is also a great feature, having the meditation available for 24 hours. I have told loads of friends and encouraged them to listen too. This is a great gift!
Loads of love,


… Nightly Healing is my sedative almost every night. I fall asleep listening to the meditation and have sweet dreams. Thanks for what you do.

Barbara G.

I am so grateful and happy for Nightly Healing. I was feeling sadness and resistance to life and with all that I have done, I always come back to Nightly Healing. It’s like home base. I loved the meditation tonight. I had such an insight of breathing in, RECEIVING and breathing out, GIVING. That was huge for me…I am becoming so aware of how easily I shut down to the breath of life and when I become aware of my breathing and STOP to connect to my breath, there is that beautiful openness, spaciousness, room to grow…connecting to the heart.


I have just listened to the replay of last night’s healing. Thank you for this powerful session….something deep got addressed in me and I am not sure if I know exactly what and maybe I don’t need to know anyway.
LOVE and DEEP DEEP gratitude and appreciation.
You beautiful human being,

Mary D.

Hi Victoria, Thank you so very much for creating Nightly Healing. When I am feeling down, depressed, alone in this great universe, knowing that I have nightly healing to connect with means so much. I have you to thank. This may sound like another cliché, but to be able to come out of the darkness & into the light was not easy and now it is. Just thinking that I have this connection, on replay or to wait for the nightly call, is short of a miracle.

Alexandra H.

I’ve been through a very difficult time in the past months and was feeling stuck in this negative energy. Then I got on to nightly healing for the past 5 days and it has made such a difference. No longer do I feel depressed or negative. I go to bed and get up feeling happy and connected to the universe and my higher purpose. Thank you so so much for this precious gift.


I love being part of this beautiful network of spiritual participants from all over the planet. It is awesome to feel the Oneness of spiritually committed Souls. Each night is a little glimpse of heaven, Peace, and Love.
I am an 85 year old body, with a loving;young Spirit. These past several years have been very challenging with the aging process. I have developed Macular Degeneration, and this past year have had two glaucoma surgeries. I now have very limited vision. Also several other body challenges. These calls have been a great blessing, you are so very precious to me.
I thank you so very much for making these wonderful calls to bring us all together every night.
Much love to you,


Hello Victoria,
I live in the middle of no-where, on the desolate Arizona Strip, and am alone much of the time (a very long story). I discovered your website, and was overjoyed that I could participate in the calls and it wouldn’t cost me anything. I began listening to the nightly healing calls. My most difficult time emotionally is when the sun sets, and I am alone in the darkness. The nightly healing calls are like a candle in the dark — a connection to love. The first time I ever heard this message (below) was from YOU. Thank you for reaching out to me in the darkness and bringing love’s light. Thank you for sharing your unique gift with the world.
Know you are welcome. Know you are loved.
Know you can heal….You are already whole.


Dear Vicki,
This letter is sent with an abundance of heartfelt gratitude. During moments spent in quiet reflection of gratitude, both you as well as Nightly Healing have been high on my list. The many gifts that you have brought to me personally are beyond measure.
Nightly Healing has been such a blessing in my life. No matter who’s presenting on the call, I always find myself effortlessly moving to a greater place….to a space filled with love, compassion, ease, gentleness, gratitude, Spirit, acceptance and so much more. As a matter of fact, I now find that within the first few seconds of being on Nightly Healing (sometimes before the process itself even starts), I’m instantly drawn in, to this greater place….where all my armor falls down, any sorrow dissipates, all effort ceases – and I simply AM. Somehow Grace takes over and I’m being carried on wings of love – there’s freedom, there’s peace, there’s contentment, there’s God. It’s a place my Soul calls Home. How do I even begin to thank you for such an incredible gift? And it’s a gift you keep giving, night-after-night; this gift is always there. You provide the space and forum, for me and so many others to tap into that immeasurable gift. And I know I’m not alone with this sentiment, as I hear so many “regulars” gather together on the calls.
My love and heartfelt thanks goes out to you and all the presenters – thanks for your time, love, selflessness, presence and spirit…’re truly all instruments of peace. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to end my day than with a call to Nightly Healing.
With Love, Light & Heartfelt Gratitude,


Every time I’ve been on the Nightly Healing call there are great questions asked, questions that
take me deeper into what the possibilities might be if I were to heal whatever needs healed. It always sends me into this state of awe that these questions bring me deeper and deeper into the answers within. Not that I have the answers in my mind, but that after the process I am sure somewhere the answers have been bidden from the depths of my soul and the healing will continue. Thank you Vicki, for sharing this beautiful work!

Peggy M.

I have been on the Nightly Healing calls recently and find them to be such a Blessing. It seems like something is always said that I can relate to and that helps me. Thank you. I have many old ‘thought beliefs” and fears to let go of and sometimes don’t know where I should begin. The Nightly Healing calls are helping me to deal with and let go of them as they come up. Sometimes I feel like there is a tug-of-war inside me and it is really manifested when I’m in pain.
We live in a small town and don’t know many people. Being part of the Nightly Healing family is so special and I know that I am not alone and am learning it is ok to feel, face and let go of old and unnecessary thoughts and feelings safely. WOW!! How wonderful. I enjoy the presenters as they each contribute in a special way
Please accept my heartfelt thank to you for your love, time and caring to help me and others heal and feel a part of this family. This is truly a blessing to us all.

Adele C.

A short time ago, I found out that I have a 50/50 chance of having lung cancer. Hopefully tomorrow morning (a bronchoscope is scheduled) we will find out what is going on. I haven’t been able to make it on every call every night, but I have been able to make it on the calls the majority of the nights. I usually just hang up and don’t share right now while I try to process all the wonderful things you are saying. The major thing that I have noticed is that while I am on the calls, my coughing seems to be reduced (I mute my phone right away) and by the end of the calls, any pain that I have been in is reduced, if not completely gone away. The last couple nights have been especially helpful touching on anxiety, because unfortunately, as positive as I try to stay, there is some anxiety. I wanted you and everyone to know that regardless of the content of the call, it has had some meaning and has touched me in some way to keep me going. I want to thank you and everyone from the bottom of my heart for all that you are doing for everyone on each and every call.


I regret to inform you of Julie’s passing 6/4/09 from lung cancer. Your nightly healing sessions helped her have more peace than anything else she did during her valiant fight. The cancer was just spreading too fast. Thank you from our family.

I have attended the Nightly Healing for the past 6 weeks and keep coming back every night I can for the anticipated healing benefits and grace, and also for this extra special unexpected “treat” I experience EVERY SINGLE NIGHT:
When the sessions end I feel deeply loved and nurtured. They are presented with a sweet touch that leaves me honored as a soul. This is something I lacked growing up and it is pure grace to receive and experience that at my middle age.
Thank you deeply for this gift of your hearts. I am sure other people experience that as well and remain quiet because they may not be able to articulate. It took me this long to find the words.
With Profound Love and Gratitude,


Vicki, I just want to tell you how much you are loved and appreciated. (by me) I have never in my life accepted myself. All of myself. All of it. But hearing you tell me (all of us who participate in the nightlly healing call) that you honor and accept me, all of me, the good and the otherwise has been an invitation for me to open to myself. I would never have even considered accepting myself before nightly healing came into my life. And I thank you Vicki. Very much.
All love and light to you.

Shannon O

I’ve been through a very difficult time in the past months and was feeling stuck in this negative energy. Then I got on to nightly healing for the past 5 days and it has made such a difference. No longer do I feel depressed or negative. I go to bed and get up feeling happy and connected to the universe and my higher purpose. Thank you so so much for this precious gift.


Nightly Healing is the most wonderful, energizing prayer I’ve ever heard. I feel healthy, confident, and powerful as I listen. I’m a single parent, with a daughter in college, and I NEED to heal my mind and body to support us and keep our house. Many doctors have not been able to discover why I’ve had to walk with a walker for over 1 year due to balance issues. I believe the problem is with my ears but doctors haven’t been able to help. My workplace is unhappy about my situation. “I LOVE thinking that my body knows how to heal itself”. I KNOW I CAN HEAL MYSELF and pass your love and generosity on to others in need.
I KNOW my health has improved since listening to your nightly healing calls. Before your calls I was ONLY walking with a walker. Since listening to the nightly healing I am using a cane.
You are an angel to do these healings for others. You must have a heart of gold to be willing to help so many people you do not know. God Bless You for your time and passion to help others heal themselves. I’m visualizing you surrounded with white, healing light. You are making a difference in this world.
In Love and Light,

Ellen in Idaho

Last night during the meditation, what came to me was ‘I am a child of God’ and for the first time, it wasn’t just words, I actually felt it deeply in my whole being and tears were rolling down. I AM A CHILD OF GOD ! How wonderful is that.


Thank You So Very Much for the Nightly Healings. The calls have been truly phenomenal for me and the effect continues throughout the days and in my dreams too. Insights come. I always feel better afterward. I feel more relaxed, grounded, centered and better able to handle my life. Anxieties disappear. This general feeling of peacefulness and confidence continues into the next day and week. I do not always find words to describe the experience, but something special is happening on Nightly Healing. I feel more like myself and more comfortable in my body with much more energy.
It is great to connect (energetically and by phone even in Mute mode) to other Beings who share a similar desire and consciousness about healing.
You really are a Blessing of Grace,
Thank you,

Linda Akron, OH

This call has been so inspirational for me. It feels like the most sacred 15 minutes of the day – the reminder that regardless of what the day’s challenges bring, I am held in a deeply loving and healing embrace that I could return to any time I want. Nightly Healing is giving me the opportunity to love myself and recognize that this love and healing comes from me. It’s allowing me to end the day by giving myself the love that I deserve and that is inherently me!

Matt B.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the guided meditations and look forward to your future events.
I want to commend and thank you for putting such a program together. How powerful it is to be able to reach and touch so many people with Light, Love and Healing. May God continue to Bless and enrich you and your endeavors!”
In Light & Love,