Radical Healing Series

Nightly Healing is honored to support,
and be a part of,
Brandon Bays’ Radical Healing Journey course.



Journey logoEvery Saturday night, for the 10 weeks of this course, the Nightly Healing calls will support the modules of Radical Healing.  The presenters will be top Journey Practitioners from around the world specially selected to be Radical Healing coaches.   Nightly Healing is honored to host them for these calls.  Whether you are taking Radical Healing or not, these calls are to support and empower you on your own personal healing journey.   The calls are free with 24 hour replays.  Sign up to get instant call access details.  With MUCH love to you, Victoria

5 Modules – 10 weeks of calls

Module 1 – Physical Healing ~ Transformation at a Cellular Level

Week 1:

October 5, 2013
with Victoria Lichtman, Founder of Nightly Healing
Physical Healing – Part 1

There is a significant and impressive body of scientific research that concludes that what we feel emotionally results in how we feel physically.  Pain, stress, anger, denial, fear, grief, sadness, bitterness, resentment, depression and more are linked to disease and the body’s ability to heal.  When these emotions are not dealt with, they often leave both mind and body depleted of energy and strength, and our hearts depleted of hope.  Join Victoria tonight in the first of this partnership series to explore the link between emotions and the physical body… our well being and health.  What would it feel like now, to know healing is here.
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Week #2

October 12, 2013
with Lesley Strutt
Physical Healing – Part 2

Leslie will share how emotional childhood trauma lodged in her body and drove a pattern of behavior that led to her choosing relationships filled with abuse (both physical and emotional.) By using the Journey Method, she was able to uncover the old memory that drove the pattern and FREE herself from it.  Join Leslie on tonight’s call and learn how her life has changed in large and small ways now that she has healed this part of her being.  Life is always filled with challenges, but now Leslie experiences these challenges from a place of freedom… and that is quite different!
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Module 2 – Emotional Healing ~ The Gateway to Your Soul

Week #3

October 19, 2013
with Avi Har-Tuv
Emotional Healing – Part 1

Healing Can Be Risky and What We Can Do About It
Deep inside each one of us, we are the essence of wisdom, love, and wellness.  Yet as we live life, we unconsciously use our human experience and interactions to form beliefs about ourselves…far distant from our true essence.  Our inner voice makes statements such as “I am depressed, I am lost, I am in crises, I am….” and we begin to believe ‘I am’ the one who is depressed, lost, in crises, etc.  These statements become our identity, our belief of the truth of who we are.   As we navigate thru life, they begin to define us in relationships and society.  We expect to feel that way…be treated that way…viewed that way.  It becomes a cloak inseparable from us and risky to let go of.  For it is what we know and who are we without it?  The healing process asks us to take the risk of shedding that cloak from our shoulders.  Join Avi to find and let go of the parts of you preventing the healing, the ones too risky to let go of.

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Week #4

October 26, 2013
With Sharon Sedgwick
Emotional Healing – Part 2

Tonight’s call will be an opening into exploring some of many different ways we can experience Emotions. Recognizing emotions and beginning to sit still in the simple truth of what is here right now can be one of the most embracing experiences of Freedom.  Join Sharon to explore and play with learning how to be present with different ways to recognize the ways your body experiences emotion;  culminating in a Peaceful Awakening.

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Module 3 – Freedom from Limiting Fears

Week #5

November 2, 2013
With Carolina Bookless
Freedom from Limiting Fears – Part 1

Are you at cause or at effect in your life? At this very moment, I am not feeling like I can do this Nightly Healing gig.  I am at effect. The fear of rejection / judgement / not being enough… it is so rivetingly convincing. Yet I now know it to be nonsense.  In the past, when these flavours of fear would grip me, I would shy away from any type of exposure.  If this resonates with you in any way, join the call for a lively exchange as we explore the dynamics at play beneath the fears that hold us back from living life full out.   It’s time to expose the programs that are running our lives and move into being at cause in our lives. I look forward to our call.

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Week #6

November 9, 2013
With Sarah Wiltshire
Freedom from Limiting Fears – Part 2

Limiting Fears
When I was small, I liked to have the landing light on when I went to sleep so that a little bit of light came through my partially opened door.  To have gone to sleep in total darkness would have felt too scary – what might have been waiting to grab me from out of that darkness?  Whilst I don’t need the light on now as an adult, this has been replaced by other fears, particularly the fear of failure.  So my mind says, “…if I don’t attempt that presentation, engage with new people or go for what I really want – then I don’t need to face failure.”  Sounds great… but not so great, because it leaves me in a double bind; if I keep myself safe I don’t move forward, and if I move forward I have to experience fear!  Join Sarah on the call tonight to look at ways of freeing yourself from the grip that fear can have over you, ultimately leaving you able to embrace it as a helpful, rather than hindering, part of your healing journey.

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Module 4 – Healing from the Baggage of Negative Beliefs

Week #7

November 16, 2103
With Silvana Lauricella
Negative Beliefs – Part 1

What if your deepest, purest Self shined like the diamond it truly is and had none of the baggage of the life experience you have lived?  What would that Self look like?  How would that Self respond to a “difficult” situation… or any situation?  Who would you “Be” as a full expression of that Self?  What if that baggage is actually the result of beliefs you have perpetuated throughout the course of your life…beliefs that have caused the pain of disconnection to your true Self?  We are often told to stay positive, focus on positive affirmations and keep in positive situations and company…yet deep inside festers a voice from deep-seeded negative beliefs that undermine and sabotage all of this.  What if these beliefs could be reprogrammed with the Truth which would allow healing to occur on all levels?  Would the release of those beliefs and the resulting baggage be worth it?  From my experience I can say that, for me, it is a resounding “Yes”.  Join me on the call tonight and be empowered to uncover and heal these negative beliefs allowing you to live from the truth of your light… so that you can shine.

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Week #8

November 23, 2013
With Sharon Turton
Negative Beliefs – Part 2

I have lived in a cage most of my life! I didn’t realize that I was…but I was! It was the cage of my own limiting beliefs that held me back from living the life I dreamed of, from living as the ‘me’ that I knew was deep inside, from living in freedom and authenticity as my true self.  Even though I consciously knew what I wanted in life, it always felt just out of my reach….just beyond my safety zone. The little voice inside kept me small and supposedly safe inside my unconscious and unhealthy belief imposed cage and I never dared to step out…even though the door was always wide open!

The Journey has given me ‘the key’ to my freedom. Not only my own freedom but also taught me to bring my daughter up as a confident, compassionate and empowered teenager who IS living without the confines of generational baggage and limiting beliefs that I took on board as a young child.  This work is so important for future generations and the future of our beautiful planet.  I hope you can join me tonight as I share my path to stepping out of that cage, and we explore your blocks and limiting beliefs that might have been unconsciously keeping you entrapped and separate from your true self.

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Module 5 – The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Week #9

November 30, 2103
With Neil del Strother
The Healing Power of Forgiveness – Part 1

What is forgiveness? We can often think it is simply a beneficent act to another, (something we may find easy or damnably hard to do), but more than this, it is an act of love to ourselves.  People can spend a lifetime not forgiving.  But from my perspective this lack of forgiveness is a game of the mind, an ego game.  In reality there is nothing but forgiveness. The other person is whole and so are you. There is no other. We experience ourselves as other of course, but the most profound forgiveness for me happens when we shift our perspective and see the other as an aspect of our own being.  At this level, what we are doing by forgiving someone is forgiving ourselves, and this is the most important forgiveness of all.  This is not to say that forgiveness of another isn’t important on our human level, where our experience is usually of separation. In fact it is very important, as to forgive another allows us to be free; when we forgive another we become that much more ourselves. Join me on the call tonight and I will run you through a short forgiveness process, a simple way of letting go, of becoming free.

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Week #10

December 7, 2013
With Bet Diening-Weatherston, Lead Coach for Radical Healing Journey and Journey Presenter
and Victoria Lichtman, Founder of Nightly Healing
The Healing Power of Forgiveness – Part 2

Forgive and Remember
What is Forgiveness truly?   We hear how important it is, yet what is it?  Does it mean condoning what has hurt us or others?  Does it mean forgetting what has been done?  Forgiveness is part of the process of moving on in our lives.  Join Bet and Victoria for an evening of conscious communication on what has touched us both deeply, forgiveness, and a discussion of where do we go from here.  

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