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All of Susan Buckley’s work and service in the world are based on two things: Love and the Truth of our Divinity.

Susan is a mentor, author and inspirational speaker. Through her work as the “voice of enthusiasm,” she evokes each person’s unique nature and natural opening to remembering and expressing their divinely guided lives.

Since early childhood, Susan has known and communicated with the Presence of All That Is. Her life is dedicated to sharing the wisdom she receives in practical, playful ways through mentoring individuals, groups and businesses.

As co-founder of The Movement of Change, Susan has provided training, mentoring and worldwide community connections for self-publishing authors. She has mentored more than 1,000 authors from 20 countries in finding and sharing their unique voice and message with the world.

Susan has a rich history. On the corporate and entrepreneurial side, she has more than 35 years experience as manager, business consultant, business owner, advocate and legal liaison in a variety of industries including medicine (natural and allopathic), vocational rehabilitation, commercial finance, and equipment leasing.

Running parallel with her business experience is her ongoing participation in, and love for, the “alternative” – including writing, comparative religion, meditation, Science of Mind, Ayurveda, Human Energy Systems, Reiki and other forms of energy healing, core energetics and body psychotherapy. She is a lifelong learner and has served as a mentor and counselor for businesses, groups and individuals for decades.

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Each of us is born with a unique gift and legacy for our family, community and all of humanity. It is my great honor to inspire others to find that gift and share it with the world.

~ Susan Buckley

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