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Although I have degrees in languages, computer science and education, I have always felt there is so much to life which could not be explained or studied, yet is real. Consequently, I have long been drawn to, and engaged in, modalities that assist the body in regaining its own balance allowing it to naturally and automatically heal. I first became a Reiki practitioner in 1999 studying USUI (level 1, level 2 and Advanced); Karuna Reiki and Joyti Reiki as well as introductory courses in Kinesiology. I later started to work more on a mental, emotional and spiritual level and t00k various meditation classes, emotional release work and opened up to my artistic abilities. This all led me to create and publish a photographic book of Australian Sunrises and inspirational verse in 2006. During this time, I unexpectedly received an invitation to attend a Journey Seminar in 2001 which started me on a path that dramatically changed my life. After doing much of The Journey™ training with Brandon Bays over the ensuing years, I became a Journey Practitioner. The Journey has helped me tremendously and the more I process, the easier my life gets. I have also taken the first two Visionary Leadership courses which also continue to be life changing. I recently discovered Quantum Touch™, another modality which further promotes the body's own natural healing ability. This has led me to a place of greater trust and surrender, which creates a larger space for the person's body to do what it intuitively knows it needs. I am currently a coach on the Radical Healing Journey program, and I also have a private practice where I practice as a Journey™, Reiki and Quantum Touch™ practitioner. It is my great pleasure to be a presenter on Nightly Healing, which transcends time and geographic boundaries, connecting people who would like to share wisdom from their own healing. I feel blessed to be on this path and feel honoured to be in the company of those I meet along the way.

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