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Healing is such a mystery! How do we do it? How long will it take? How deep will it go? Because we are each unique, our answers to each of these questions will be one-of-a-kind answers. How lovely then, to have a space and time, every day, to simply enter into our intention to heal and find our way from there. I feel so privileged to be invited to participate as a presenter of Nightly Healing.

So often, we think of healing as ‘recovery,’ the process of righting some imbalance in our body, our heart, our mind. But healing also asks us to be creative! We become artists of a sort, because it isn’t enough to heal the old wounds. We must also dare to envision the new self that yearns to emerge. Accessing our ‘inner artist’ is scary because we think of artists as people who live outside of our safe, ‘normal’ world. Yet so often our ‘normal’ world throws us out of balance and into the spin of doing, doing, and doing.

I am interested in the often over-looked world of becoming––that place inside each of us where the essential DNA of our most evolved self lies waiting to express. My work, for four decades, has been to explore and foster the essential artist-healer that lives inside each of the precious individuals who have allowed me to walk with them on their healing path. For them, I have had the privilege of writing books, creating music, making paintings, drawings, and even business cards and logos––each intended to mirror some rare essence of being, and awaken the possibilities inherent in their unique process of becoming.

In recent years, many have engaged me to work one-on-one, as a coach to their inner game. These clients have often been socially conscious entrepreneurs whose inspired visions require them to access the most trust-worthy parts of themselves, and to operate consistently in a mood of heart felt ease and grace. I have also greatly enjoyed creating and delivering group processes for transformation, both in live workshops and by web and phone.

Shayla is co-author of the 100 top best-selling book Bold Moves––Jump To Outstanding Self-Managed Action, a business novel upon which she has developed her signature web-based training, BoldMoves Country. Additional publications include a business fable The Corporate Shaman, Harper Collins, 2000, for which she contracted as ghost writer with best-selling business author Richard Whiteley; and sections of Life, Law and the Pursuit of Balance, published by the American Bar Association 1997.

Shayla is a professional composer, pianist, and recording artist, having created and performed multimedia performances depicting personal and societal transformation by integrating, live music performance, dance, story and projected imagery. Shayla created and delivered dozens of personal development trainings, both live and by web and phone, and was, for four years, the on-camera coach for a public speakers’ development camp, and co-presenter of The Phoenix Experience a week-long residential program in whole-health in which she partnered with Dr. Gladys McGarey, the acclaimed Mother of Holistic Medicine.

Know you are welcome. Know you are loved.
Know you can heal....You are already whole.

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