Scout Wilkins


Scout is a skilled and loving guide. Her work takes the real-world competence she has developed over her years as a wilderness guide, and combines it with her native gift for understanding what makes people tick, and the wisdom and experience she has gained as a successful business owner, an international coach and mentor, a certified healer and a mother.

Scout is a bridge and helps you to bridge the worlds of the mind and the heart. She functions equally well in the factual, logical world of the mind, and in the softer, feeling rich domain of the heart. Her work leads people to remember who they are, and to become comfortable, confident and deeply authentic in that space, fully claiming what they are here to do.

She truly sees and feels your inner light, which creates the space for you to see and feel yourself at an entirely new level. In that space, Scout will open the door so you can reconnect with who you really are, and you can do what you are really here to do.

Her certifications include Master NLP Practitioner and trainer, Master Neurological Repatterning, Master of Eriksonian Hypnosis, CTA certified Life Coach. Her ever-expanding energy toolbox is replete with the most current techniques and processes, both learned and channeled. Deep guided imagery plays a pivotal role, in the form of timeline work, parts work, and many others.

Look around you, stay open. Question the stories you have unconsciously accepted; Never give up the search for connection and meaning.

It is time The world wants and needs you to show up powerfully, as who you fully are, in all your light and glory!

See you on the calls!

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Know you are welcome. Know you are loved.
Know you can heal....You are already whole.

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