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Since October 2010, I have facilitated clients for issues such as relationship breakdown, grief, cancer, low self-esteem, depression, abuse, muscle and joint pain. I am able to offer and hold a deeply healing space, providing a compassionate, loving, gentle and intuitive approach in order to support and encourage my clients to clear what holds them back. I am also able to help my clients to ‘cut through the crap’ to reach the truth of who they are, using excellent listening and review skills. I have my own therapy business and a dedicated page explaining the Journey and the processes available. I use The Journey regularly with clients I see – some come via The Journey website, some through the therapy centre I mainly work from and some through word of month. I work face to face, by telephone and Skype – sometimes these will be short sessions focusing, for example, on belief changes, pain release, whilst other processes are ‘full-scale’. I am also qualified in energy balancing techniques - Quantum Touch, Heart Thread and Circuitry Alignment...and explore with each client when they first come which may be of help to them – sometimes in combination.  

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