Nick LeForce

Nick LeForce

Transformational Poet
Dig Deeper to Play Bigger

Poetry is an expressive vehicle with an evocative power that taps into deeper levels of awareness and opens the heart and mind. As a result, poetry can help the listener to identify the deeper yearning within. A transformational poet is one who possesses the understanding that there is a message inherent in any given poem and provides guidance and an opening to healing. Through his poetry and the use of powerful words and images, Nick is ready to help propel you into inspiration. From there, he provides the emotional support needed for transformation to occur.

Since 1980 Nick has worked in the field of transformation using hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other tools to tap into the inner strength, and help people organize their life around their own core – what is precious to each of them, what has meaning and power in their lives – enabling them to move through life with ease. He gradually evolved into using poetry as a tool to engage them, understanding that language is a critical step in moving forward into the future. His poems introduce ideas to get people in touch with a particular experience or experiences.

Certified as a Practitioner/Master Trainer in NLP; a Designated Examiner for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Nick LeForce is a successful international trainer, coach and consultant.

[quote align=”left” color=”#999999″]Love even what is lowest in you, but do not let it define you. Instead, make a home in your heart for what is highest in you and happiness will surely follow.
~ Nick LeForce[/quote]