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  I am an author of four books so far, a freelance writer with almost twenty years experience, a Journey Practitioner for more than twelve years, a podcast host and, perhaps most importantly, a father. I have a Masters degree in Journalism, a Postgraduate diploma in Psychology and an Honours degree in Politics and American Studies - mostly US literature. As well as my in-depth experience of The Journey, I also have some experience of shamanism, including taking part in the most wonderful healing ceremonies with the Bushmen in the Kalahari desert. I don't want to sound too hippy, but in many ways my life is about becoming more conscious of, and letting go of, unhelpful behavioural patterns and beliefs and opening into presence, into what is, into life, and allowing this to flow and express itself through my writing, my Journey work and everything else I do.

" must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star," Nietzsche

After many years of very intense freelance writing work for consultancies I find myself with more time and energy to explore what really means most to me. This still includes freelance writing work, and this is hugely enriched by my increasingly busy work as an author, Journey Practitioner and podcast host. I am, as Joseph Campbell put it so beautifully, following my bliss. That is not to say that every moment is always a joyful celebration, but it is to say that I am living more and more from my heart, from openness, from love and presence, and from the wildness and chaos at the heart of creativity.

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