Matt Bunczk

Nightly Healing™ welcomes Matt as a Nightly Healing presenter. Matt's skills...his patience and loving quiet presence... are cherished by us. His support of Nightly Healing has been appreciated since the beginning.

Hi there. I’ve had the privilege to be on the Nightly Healing™ call since Vicki first established it in December 2008 and I’ve watched it blossom into the beautiful forum that it is today. Since the original call, I’ve ended many of my days (sometimes long and grueling) by using the call to tap into that part of me that’s already whole, healed, and free. It’s so easy to lose sight of this amidst all the challenges of daily living. But what a powerful reminder we have with Nightly healing™ to forget the chaos and focus on what’s always been there in the midst of it all.

I’ve been on a conscious healing path since 2004, which has led me to explore different healing modalities and spiritual practices. When I say “healing,” I don’t mean that I’ve been trying to get rid of bothersome symptoms in my life. Rather, I’ve been trying to understand and honor myself, and the myriad ways that my soul grabs my attention as I walk through life. It’s been a path of listening to my soul’s deepest calling and understanding what life most wants to express through me. Along the way, I completed Brandon Bays’ Journey™ Accreditation Program in 2006 and the Conscious Company’s™ Visionary Leadership Program in 2009. In 2011, I completed The Four Winds Society’s training in shamanic energy medicine, and most recently spent 2012 working with The Four Winds in Park City, UT. I am so grateful for the many blessings that have shown up in my life in the form of friends, teachers, and mentors. They have inspired me to look at myself and the world in new and creative ways. They’ve provided me with tools to experience a connection to life that I never dreamed possible. I hope to adequately convey the depth of this experience with those who join the calls.

It is a huge honor to be a presenter on Nightly Healing™. My intention as a presenter is to help us all to open to the truth of what’s really on our hearts, even after the day’s challenges may have caused us to forget or ignore what’s really there. May we all remember this presence of healing, wholeness, and well-being that is at the core of our being – not just for a few moments at the end of the day, but in every moment of our lives.

Know you are welcome. Know you are loved.
Know you can heal....You are already whole.

Welcome Nightly Healing

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