Edyle O’Brien


Edyle O’Brien is an experienced licensed psychotherapist who specializes in mind-body-spirit healing modalities. She has worked extensively in hospitals, community grass-roots organizations, and with individuals and groups, and has guided stress-reducing and life-empowering workshops. Her mission is to help people re-define themselves to co-create more loving, powerful, abundant, enriched and dynamic lives.

Edyle’s lifetime interest in optimizing the experience of living has culminated in her current focus on creating and sharing “The Art of Response-Ability”, the essence of which is taking responsibility for one’s own health, well-being and happiness.When we shift from reactivity to responsiveness we reclaim our power,realize our intrinsic worth and value,connect authentically with ourselves and others, thereby, living a life increasingly free of “the shame,blame,fear and comparison game”.

To accomplish this, one must directly connect to one’s own internal sources of meaning, value, and contentment. Within all of us, powerful wellsprings of wisdom, love, joy,power and serenity await being tapped. Connecting to these sources can be invaluable. It enables us to break the harmful pattern of looking to others to reflect back to us what we seek, and instead, by viewing ourselves lovingly and understandingly, to find what we seek already truly present within ourselves: a fully-grounded and enhanced consciousness of, and satisfaction with ourselves, to explore life’s meaning, its richness, its freedom, and its pervasive goodness.

Know you are welcome. Know you are loved.
Know you can heal....You are already whole.

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