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Certified Journey Practitioner, Certified Shiatsu Practitioner, Certified Kunlun Facilitator, Master Reiki Teacher, Personal/Professional Coach. From a young age Douglas was inquisitive about “what is there” and “what makes us who we are?’ Today he says “All the skills I’ve learned have added to my natural intuition, opening up a beautiful world. I love what i do My passion is to grow and to help you grow. Step into your potential, you are worth it!"

Douglas began studying Reiki in 1996 and felt it was a life changing experience, became a Reiki Master over the next three years. He began a private practice working with individuals and also teaching locally and internationally.

Douglas also traveled to Saskatoon and Toronto to Study Shiatsu and became certified in 1998.

In 2004, understanding the benefit of releasing emotions that surround many painful conditions led Doug to study The Journey founded by Brandon Bays. Finding his own emotional freedom led Doug to workshops in Canada, the U.K. and the USA. He became certified as a Journey Practitioner in 2006, then traveled to Los Angeles to study the “Work with Byron Katie". In March of 2009 he traveled to Colorado to finish the Visionary Leadership Series for how to work with businesses.

In 2009 Douglas traveled to Los Angeles, then to Hawaii to study a Taoist art called Kunlun Nei Gung. Becoming an apprentice he began offering classes and is one of two certified in Canada.

Throughout the years Douglas has studied various forms of breath teachings in Canada and the USA. He began conducting breath classes in the fall of 2009.

Other modalities studied are: ‘The Work’ with Byron Katie, Quantum Touch, Advanced Quantum Touch Core and Supercharge, Quantum Entrainment, Reflexology, Thought Field Therapy, Tong Ren, Chi Nei Tsang.

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