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I live nestled against the foothill in Loveland, Colorado with my life partner, Lara, and three furry kitten friends. As a Colorado native, I have always been deeply inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me. The majestic mountains mirror the enormous kindness and love of the people who live in this state while the astounding blue skies with their splendid white clouds emulate the creativity and imagination that is alive and thriving in all of us.

My favorite activities as a child included drawing mandalas with a SpiroGraph and making shiny pictures with a Litebright. This passion for creativity and the visual arts, as well as my hunger for spiritual truth, have led me down many wonderful paths and ultimately, to where I am at today. I enjoy working as a professional creativity coach, graphic designer, writer, artist, and marketing consultant.

I discovered Journeywork about eight years ago and my life has been radically changed by using these potent tools. I have completed both the Journey Practitioner’s Program and Visionary Leadership Program, including the Conscious Coaching Certification. I can honestly say that I now live my life from a place of clarity and inspiration and that I experience joy, health and abundance in a way that I never believed possible before clearing the blocks that used to hold me back.

Determined to keep my own creative juices flowing, I began painting, working in pastels, and digitally creating mandalas during my free time. Collective Source Mandalas, my personal art business, was born out of the desire to continue growing my own creative expression. Today, creating mandalas is still my favorite form of creative expression and my art is available for purchase on line. (see below for more information).

I have to come to realize that creativity is nourishment to the soul and without it; quality of life is greatly diminished! For this reason, I chose to close the production business I owned and to make Creativity my career. Along with being an artist, I am a Creativity Coach / Cultivator.

Utilizing the potent tools I have acquired through the Journey Practitioner’s Program and Visionary Leadership Program, including the Conscious Coaching Certification. I help individuals and groups uncover and clear blocks to their innate creative genius. I also offer creativity workshops including a weekend workshop specifically about making mandalas.

I am so grateful to Nightly Healing for the opportunity to present and to share the life changing tools that I have learned along my own journey.

There are several ways to contact me. I love email and will respond at my earliest convenience to questions or feedback.



Collective Source Mandalas

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