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About Bet:

Life can be lived fully, with purpose and passion…filled with love, laughter and fulfillment. And yet, there are so many experiences that feel anything but this. How is it that some people can go through very similar situations and experience fundamentally different results? Why do some folks ‘get over it’ while others stay stuck in their suffering?

My name is Bet Diening-Weatherston. I am a presenter for The Conscious Company (a program for personal and professional leadership development) & The Journey (a global program for personal transformation and healing.) I am an international Visionary Leadership Coach and an Accredited Journey Practitioner. Over the years I have experienced such profound shifts in my way of being that my life has been forever changed.

As an elementary school teacher for 15 years, working with Mexican children, Inuit youth in the Canadian Arctic and students on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, I learned how to connect with, reach and inspire students of various ages, backgrounds and beliefs – all with a good dose of humor.

For a number of years, I was a businesswoman and realized that choosing to be conscious in my interactions with my clients was a choice I could make on a moment-by-moment basis. It reinforced in me that no matter where I showed up in life that I was the common denominator and that it was up to me to authentically walk the talk together with my clients.

Since 2006, I have been enmeshed with both The Journey and the Conscious Company’s Visionary Leadership series. I am in constant awe as to how potent, yet simple, these skills are. They offer the opportunity for the innate genius within each of us to be positively expressed. These profoundly effective programs inspired me to become a trainer and a presenter in order to be a catalyst of change so people can become aware that while life’s pain may be unavoidable, suffering is optional. Sometimes that feels like a real stretch and... it’s the only way I am now willing to live.

These proven techniques help to draw out passion and purpose so their expression becomes effortless. This work is versatile enough to be utilized with groups as disparate as Indigenous people, the Canadian Justice Department, NGO’s (charitable non-governmental organizations) and people from all walks of life all over the world.

I have come to experience that no matter your age, your economic status, your past experiences…these tools invite you to move beyond your perceived limitations and to step into a full expression of who you truly are. Each of us has the capacity to make conscious choices in support of what we want to experience in life and to choose how we show up for ourselves, loved ones, society and humanity.

We are all much more capable than what we credit ourselves with. When we are willing to turn, face and clear unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns, we empower ourselves to live more authentically, consciously and fully, planting the seeds of a more robust future.

Come join us and play in the playground of your possibilities!

Know you are welcome. Know you are loved.
Know you can heal....You are already whole.

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