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Michelle Alva

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Phone: 305-206-2229
Email:  Info@MichelleAlva.com
Website:  www.MichelleAlva.com

Nightly Healing™ welcomes Michelle as a Nightly Healing presenter. Michelle Alva is on a mission to empower, educate and inspire individuals with ease and effectiveness on how to heal, energize and harness one's natural energy and innate power..

Her life’s journey has included trauma and suffering that were all blessings in disguise. They have taught her to be victorious instead of victim-ous. Her life experience and diverse background as a physical therapist for 18 years; an energy healer, yoga therapist, belly dance teacher and infant massage instructor have brought her a deeper understanding of how to guide individuals to self-heal, to better understand disease, stress, healing and the benefits of integrative and holistic medicine.

Michelle created Nurturing Moves, a systematic approach that easily connects us to our innate healing power and facilitates in us the experience of whole-being integration and balance. This experience serves as a way for us to re-connect to what and who we truly are, a mysterious being of Divine energy and love.

This state is optimal for self-healing, spiritual growth, overall well-being and accessing our intuition. Life flows much easier when we live in this state of awareness and interconnectedness. Michelle has created practical tools for every day healing, living life to the fullest with the highest degree of safety, the most ease and effectiveness so we may all co-create a more loving and peaceful inner and outer world.

Michelle provides one-on-one healing sessions at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach - as part of the First Integrative Medicine Team in South Florida. She also offers sessions via Skype, and in her office in South Beach and Brickell. Michelle creates and teaches custom workshops, facilitate retreats and creates educational courses for health care professionals and corporate groups interested in learning how to implement ancient healing & holistic practices with traditional healing approaches. Michelle is a featured relationship expert and workshop facilitator for Cupid’s Council, and is a council member of Energetic Planet and the Mama’s Resource Network.

Michelle created a series of empowering and healing guided meditations, Free Yourself, for you to become an expert at letting go of tension, stress, the emotional blockages from the past and to experience your whole, loving and energetic being.

Join me on this beautiful journey, guided by the love in your heart and the universal intelligence in your mind so we may all co-create a more loving and peaceful world for generations to come, one breath at a time!

Know you are welcome. Know you are loved.
Know you can heal....You are already whole.

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