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Kimberly Palm, C.M.I., is the owner of Body & Mind Healing, LLC and the inventor of the P.E.A.C.E. TM Stress Management System. Kimberly is a Stress Management Coach, Medical Intuitive Healer, Meditation Instructor, Author and Speaker. After spending 20 years of studying alternative healing, vitamins, supplements, herbs, diet, exercise, meditation, stress management, energy healing and tons of other healing modalities, Kimberly has been able to heal herself and hundreds of other people from many stress related health issues. Four years ago, Kimberly went back to school and was certified to teach meditation. She had already been practicing and teaching various types of meditation for 10 years but wanted to be official. After realizing her purpose on earth was to be a healer and teacher, Kimberly started her company, Body & Mind Healing in February of 2011 and now uses all of her research and training, combined with her empathic, psychic and intuitive abilities to help people who are stressed, have health issues or have problems balancing their lives. Kimberly teaches and helps people to create peace, balance and healing in all areas of their lives. To find out more about Kimberly and her many programs and services and to receive a FREE gift, please visit her website: Make sure to mention “Nightly Healing” when you contact her.

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