Candice Sinai

Wisdom from every lifetime is inside you. Your essence is a spark of the God stuff - the purest, most powerful substance for healing and transformation anyone could ever hope to find. Every guidance, compassion, truth and brilliance you’ve ever searched for is inside you, waiting for you to realize it. Once you do, it’s a huge welcome home. You have discovered the secrets of the open heart!

My Journey

From my earliest days I remember looking at people, wondering why they didn’t realize they were spiritual beings. Why didn’t they treat one another and the world around them as such? As I grew old enough to venture on my own, an inner urgency compelled me to move from small town life in Pennsylvania. I eventually landed in Virginia where I was privileged to be a founding member of The Gesuntheit Institute with Dr. Patch Adams. It was here that I was first exposed to the depth of healing that comes from love, humor, kindness, compassion and connection.

I built and sustained a thriving private practice and teaching career based on the foundations of Polarity Therapy: bodywork, consciousness, energy-based nutrition and movement exercises, which I called BodyWisdom. It was the fulfillment of a dream and lasted over twenty years. Four years ago, I closed my practice to heal naturally from my own life-threatening illness. If I wanted to embody the spirit of BodyWisdom, I had to dig deeper and learn new levels of walking my talk.

In recent months, life has been calling, “It’s time to come out.” I opened myself to life. Invitations to facilitate at spiritual and healing centers and conferences began coming out of the blue. Life had taken me to the bottom but I found a way. I share this to say to you that anything is possible. If you do all you can to heal or transform your life, It meets you more than half way and will offer something greater than you ever imagined. Because the mind cannot conceive what the greatness of Spirit can.

What I do

I support individuals to walk their own path into greater health, conscious living, personal power and authentic presence by tapping into their inherent nature through self-inquiry, deep process work, and mindful choice making. Hallmarks of my work are compassion, deep listening, frankness, and an ability to hold a safe, expansive space of grounded awareness for people to face their deepest fears and challenges. Clearing the debris while in a place of love so one can live their highest vision while celebrating the journey of Soul.

My workshops and team-building work inspires significant growth for individuals and groups awakening to their greatness and to an authentic expression of their mission.

I look forward to joining you on an adventure of transformation, grace and healing.

Training and Experience

Certified Polarity Therapy Educator / Board Certified Polarity Practitioner / Certified Visionary and Conscious Leadership Coach / Certified Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner / Certified Sound Health Practitioner / Structural Acupressure / Yoga and Therapeutic Movement / Journey Practitioner Candidate

- 45 years meditation and contemplative practice
- 45 years yoga, dance and movment experience
- 20 years facilitating classes, workshops and trainings on natural healing, self-awareness, and spiritual awakening.

Several treasured teachers have significantly contributed to my life and work in important ways: Harold Klemp, Sri Ananadamurti, Tensia Fonseca, Brandon Bays and Kevin Billet.

The work of Dr. Randolph Stone, pioneer of Polarity Therapy, continues to be a creative wellspring of inspiration and the foundation from which my professional development emerges.

I live in the D.C. area with my husband and life companion Joe McGloin. Two grown children, Jesse and Maya live on the East Bay of San Francisco.
They are dear friends and beloved teachers.

I look forward to hearing you on the Nightly Healing calls!
To learn more about my work, feel free to contact me at or leave a message at (202) 966-6113

In the joy of self discovery,

Welcome Nightly Healing

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