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All candidacies are evaluated individually . We use a program for the management of the selection process and to communicate with the candidates. At times, the responses unfortunately end up being filtered as Spam, so a quick reminder to check that folder every now and then after submitting your application .

Working patterns usually conform to regular office hours. However, there is occasionally the need to be available early or late in the day to maintain the agency’s output and reliability. Looking for a junior copywriter or want to get hired – contact the Creative team today:

Without a shred of experience, he was able to earn six-figures his second year working as a copywriter.

Firstly, nobody will judge you for lack of correct writing skills. Secondly, even the most professional editor cannot guarantee you perfectly correct text because he/she could miss something. As well if you are very capable in English writing, it will not be superfluous to check your knowledge and to refresh them from time to time.

Editing without help of technologies is inefficient and old-fashioned nowadays; it needs a lot of time and efforts, and often it is more expensive than we expect.

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I didn’t notice at first, but now I am questioning it and I started reading the responses. I think the problem lies with the author’s use of “None of us” instead of “No one”. The use of “None of us” implies plurality, whereas “No one” implies a singular. Basically, this sentence is a double negative.

Writing a five to six-page website using SEO strategies can bring in whooping $1,500 to $3,500 per project! Where do you find copywriting gigs and jobs? There are a couple of routes you can take with copywriting.

Damn, I wish you didn’t ask!

 writing skills

Ready to start your copywriting business?

You may look very erudite as usually people who read a lot could write without mistakes, thus respectful attitude is guaranteed! Do not lose your chance to improve your writing skills and have correct texts! Spelling check will provide you with correct writing without efforts.

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