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Lesser Burdock. This suddenly appeared, fully formed, in this clump up coming doorway (August 2014).

They aren’t keen gardeners but I considered I would have seen! The flowers are incredibly thistle-like but the leaves are entirely different. this overall clump is burdock, I am not positive if it is really lesser or greater burdock. that clump over has lengthy considering the fact that been cleared and lately (June 2016) the lawn was mown, shortly immediately after that this smaller plant appeared.

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I noticed these yesterday (21-four-2017) off a close by principal street. I question how tall they will get if remaining to mature.

this lesser burdock I noticed at RSPB Fowlmere in Cambridgeshire finish of September 2018. Lesser Knapweed (Centaurea nigra)I purchased this as a “wildflower” at the yard centre (they have been on sale so couldn’t resist) but some might have this self-seeding in their yard. close-up of a knapweed flower. London Bur-Marigold ( Bidens Connata )This has been in my Weed Gallery (a handful of picturesque weed pics) for several years as an unidentified but I not long ago arrived across an ID. I noticed this expanding in the Regent’s http://plantidentification.co/ Canal close to me in Camden Town, northwest London, ideal as it distribute together the Grand Union Canal community, of which the Regent’s Canal is portion.

Liverwort (Marchantiophyta)This is a moss-like weed that has appeared in some seed trays. from that one smaller “sprout”, the liverwort has unfold rather a lot in my pots but it won’t look to induce a lot of a trouble, lately I’ve observed these upright growths. Mallow.

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I go through someplace a short while ago about this currently being a weed but I sowed it myself as a wildflower from seed. I took this pic on June 11th and it is really not in bloom nevertheless.

(a comparison with wood avens is under in the wooden avens entry)beginning of July and I see my to start with mallow flower. Here is a far more recognized plant (with tons of flowers). This is a maple seedling.

For some purpose I have masses of them this spring (2012). I wasn’t sure what they ended up, as I never ever found them ahead of, until eventually I uncovered this one particular with the seedpod (whirligig) even now hooked up. here’s yet another whirligig with the seedling just rising. Here’s a larger just one. This is it right after I’ve pulled it out of the ground which receives a lot more tough as they get larger. I just about managed this a single as the floor was wet.

Meadow Buttercup ( Ranunculus acris )Meadowsweet ( Filipendula ulmaria )close-up of the meadowsweet flowers. close-up of the meadowsweet leaves. Yellow Melilot ( Melilotus officinalis)I noticed this commencing of July 2019, in close proximity to the railway line, along from Camden Street station in which I’d initially seen melilot from the system but could not get a incredibly excellent perspective. a view of the wider ecosystem with the railway line in the history.

White Melilot ( Melilotus albus)I saw this on the edge of Epping Forest 19-7-2019. Milk Thistle (see Plant Identification website page)Michaelmas Daisy (Aster Amellus)August 2017, this yr the bouquets are previously since of the sizzling climate we have experienced. the michaelmas daisies are the plants with the very long slender leaves among the chinese lanterns.

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