Communicating and Healing with our Beloved Animals

I have been blessed with animals all my life. Even as a young child they were paramount to my knowing myself and the world. Right now I have 4 dogs - including Silken Windhounds, a rare sighthound breed. I love them. I breed them. I cherish them. They bring me joy, peace and unconditional love - and have in all the passages of my life. They are my guardians, my companions and my friends. When I look into my dogs eyes, I remember who I am and the world is right again.

Be with your animals at the depth where miracles happen.
Strengthen and deepen your relationship
and bond with your beloveds as you strengthen
and deepen your relationship with yourself.
Watch them respond in love and joy and
intelligence. Watch both of you heal.

All my dogs join me as I work with others in healing and therapy. Each person tends to be picked by a dog that will then stay with them throughout their sessions…through the tears and laughter they are present for that person. The empathic ability and healing capacity of my dogs truly amazes all who witness this. I am in awe of these gifts they offer.

I truly believe our animals are a gift - sometimes our guides - always our beloveds.

We talk to them, hold them and love them. We take their gifts without having to question if we deserve them. Our bond with our beloveds is profound and enriching. Our grief in losing them.... the feeling of helplessness when they are ill or lost.... can be shattering.

Whatever the pet, the human that shares any depth of life and love with them KNOWS there is a remarkable and glorious connection. Often with children and young adults, this connection and the love shared is the most real and true of any. Sometimes with adults also. As this connection is honored and deepened, healing for the person and the animal can be miraculous.

As we do our own inner work... as we go deeper inside ourselves… so also we strengthen and deepen our relationships with those around us, including our animals. As we heal ourselves, we provide the space for healing in all those around us. It is joyous to watch them respond.

There is a process I share to help people learn to communicate with their animals at the place deep enough inside for true communication to take place. It is a process in which you can work to encourage healing in your animal. This is the same process we use to communicate with humans not able to respond in words such as infants, small children, babies in the womb, people in comas and more. The joy and healing for both involved can be miraculous.


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