Important – Please Read!!

Nightly Healing is closed.  It was a beautiful 10 year outreach geared toward helping bring peace and healing to the world… completely free and given from the bottom of our hearts.

Please stay connected to keep up with new ways I am creating to inspire and enrich your life!

Text ‘Healing’ to 64600
for access to my online business card.  
Leave me your email (under ‘SAVE’ tab) 
for information on new live calls with me, upcoming workshops
and private one-on-one coaching opportunities.

Always I am here to support you on your sacred Journey.

With HUGE love,
Victoria, founder Nightly Healing


[acc_item title=”Is the Nightly Call really FREE?”]
Yes. Please accept this call as a gift from us. The call is given in love and gratitude.
[acc_item title=”How do I subscribe for the FREE Nightly Call?”]
It’s very simple, just enter your name and email address in the signup form and you will instantly have all access information for the call!!

[acc_item title=”How can I listen to the FREE Nightly Call live and free week-long replay access?”]

There are 4 ways how to listen to the call.  Just fill in your name and email in the signup form signup form  and you will receive the access information.

1. On the phone
2. Through the internet
3. Through Skype
4. Via the internet (only) for the replay


[acc_item title=”What if I missed a Call?”]
Don’t worry. There is always a FREE reply of the previous Call available. You can access it from your account.

[acc_item title=”What if I can’t make the live call or free replay?”]
Please note that Call Download subscriptions are temporarily unavailable.
If you wish to have access to our call archives and be able to listen to a replay or download any of the previous 30 days of calls, please subscribe to our Call Download Subscription Archives

[acc_item title=”How can I support the work of Nightly Healing?”]

If you are benefiting from this experience, please gift back. Your love donation allows us to continue to spread empowerment and healing around the world. It is greatly appreciated. Donate HERE.


[acc_item title=”How can I spread the word of Nightly Healing?”]

Help us to spread this free outreach of peace, healing and community around the world.  Together, we can make a difference!  CLICK HERE to join our vision!


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