Eradicate Loneliness

We’ve all had moments in our lives when we’ve felt lonely…or alone... the feeling of emptiness, isolation or separateness inside. For many it is fleeting. For others it is ongoing. For all, it can be painful, deep and pervasive.

Loneliness has reached epidemic proportions around the world and is not specific to gender or age, socio-economics or culture. It is common to people who are alone… or those who are surrounded by others.

Loneliness hurts - for real!

Loneliness, and the fear of loneliness, can be physically as well as mentally and emotionally damaging. Chronic loneliness is a serious, life-threatening condition. Studies have shown that when people feel disconnected and separated, they are more susceptible to cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Research has concluded that the effects of loneliness can actually heighten age-related declines in neural pathways... leading to dementia and other age-related diseases.

What we know is that loneliness is not about being alone.
It is about not feeling connected.

Here are things you can do... For yourself and others!!

Connect. Help others connect. Here are ways….

  • Reach out

    Be an ambassador of kindness to someone who is alone, socially isolated, or to someone who has received a difficult diagnosis. Studies strongly show people are more likely to stay healthy if they have social support and community. Helping others can help them…and it also helps you!! Help decrease social isolation for others. And for yourself.
  • Deepen your relationships

    Feeling lonely does not necessarily equate with being alone. It can relate to the quality and depth of relationships, not the quantity. Oftentimes, we feel isolated and apart even while in the middle of a crowd. When you connect with someone authentically by sharing a true story, or experience something together – perhaps watching a sunset allowing the beauty to fill each of you – bonds are built. Look for the opportunities to share and care.
  • Nurture friendships

    In today’s fast paced technology based world, it is so easy to let time for friends, and the intimate closeness of friendships, to slide and be lost. Reconnect with old friends. Make room for new. Make time. Give friendship love, energy and commitment.
  • Listen

    You may talk to people, but do they really ‘see’ you? Do they know what you really need when you talk? If you want others to really hear you, then it becomes necessary for you to really listen to others. When you take time to really listen, without judgment, interruption or challenge, people feel heard. And when you speak with honest vulnerability, the other person wants to listen and truly hear what you are saying.
  • Be with nature

    Remember the expression, “Take time and smell the roses”? When was the last time you stopped your busy life and connected with the beauty of nature? Took notice of the color of the water, the smell of the earth, the way trees sway in the wind or the clouds that dot the sky? Stop and breathe in some fresh air and taste its sweetness. Allow your feet to touch the earth. Watch a sunset. Let nature nurture you.
  • Connect with yourself

    Take time with and for YOU. Loneliness and solitude are very different. Loneliness can hurt. Solitude can refresh your spirit, restore your creativity, open your mind and bring peace. Read that book…or listen to music. Pick up paper and pencil and see what comes. Take a bath or a walk in the woods. Or just sit quietly. Even if just for a moment, wrap yourself in a healing cocoon of purposeful solitude and cherish what you find.
  • Connect spiritually

    Often loneliness can come from the deep level of spiritual disconnection or emptiness. Develop your own personal relationship with the Divine…whatever that is to you, as it is a very personal relationship indeed. Be willing to look past all you have been taught or told. Make it yours. For it is.
  • Stop the shame game

    Help eliminate the stigma and judgment that loneliness carries. Many will admit to depression before they will talk about being lonely. Studies show that those who hide their loneliness from the outside world have increased potential illness and pain. You are not alone in your loneliness. Let go of your judgment of yourself and others for being lonely, or anything else. Speak about it. Allow and encourage others to speak about it. Stop the cycle of silence and shame. Open to compassion for others, and most importantly... for yourself.
  • Connect with Community

    Statistics show that people who feel part of a community (whether social, religious, familial or spiritual) are less lonely. With 81% of all Americans owning a computer, and fully 1/3 of the global population with internet access, on-line communities make more sense than ever. Nightly Healing offers the embrace and support of community to everyone who seeks it out. All are welcome and accepted unconditionally.
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