Help Eradicate Loneliness

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Nightly Healing stands as a

Beacon in the Night

Join the Vision and help to eradicate the epidemic of loneliness.

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  1. You are not alone.  Nightly Healing is here for you. Every night, in the comfort of your own home.
  2. Suffering is not who you are… It is who you are not.  Come join us.
  3. Know you are welcome…know you are loved. Know you can heal… you are already whole.
  4. Understand that whatever you do and wherever you are on your path is perfect. Nightly Healing accepts you unconditionally.
  5. This is YOUR moment to take an active part in your own life’s process, to feel more in control, to feel empowered, to feel hope.
  6. Wholeness and perfection are available to you … no matter what’s happening in your life.
  7. With total acceptance and love… all are welcome.  All.  Including and especially you!
  8. Come to the nightly call to gain clear, powerful and effective steps you can practice to be happier right now.
  9. Go beyond your limited sense of self to discover your own power.
  10. Are you ready to AWAKEN and move beyond your story?  Be free of the illusion of suffering.