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Breaking the Cycle of Compassion and Compassion Fatigue Workshop

Whether you are a professional…
or caring for a loved one…
handsThese workshops are for you

Stand strong in the face of wrenching emotional work.

Benefits For Caregivers

  • Learn how to care for others without feeling overwhelmed & burnt-out… or losing yourself in the process
  • Gain the tools to keep your own balance in the face of pain and suffering
  • Learn the importance of self-care

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    We know that compassion fatigue is real and impedes your ability to be and do your best. What we don't know is how to overcome the burn-out and how to gain back a sense of purpose and joy in caring for others.

    Join Victoria Lichtman for this workshop that not only opens the conversation about caregiver burn-out and how it leaves you feeling, but also touches on and works to heal emotions - the guilt, remorse, resentment, anger, fear - that underlie the burn-out.

    • Find out how to find and maintain your own balance in the face of pain and suffering of those you care for and about
    • Discover how to overcome the natural instinct for self-preservation that results in emotional shut down
    • Improve listening & communication skills
    • Learn how to stay emotionally clear and balanced, regardless of the emotional or physical condition of your patient/loved one
    • Open to compassion for yourself and allow self-care
    • Discover and stand strong in who you really are, no matter what is taking place in life

    Each session includes discussion, visualization, introspection and sharing of experiences, thoughts & feelings.

Benefits For Facilities

  • Provide the highest level of care by encouraging the caregiver's emotional well-being
  • Reduce staff overwhelm, burn-out and turn-over
  • Improve caregiver listening & communication skills

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    Give your caregiving staff the gift of this effective workshop in which they will learn tools that are proven to help reduce stress & burnout that comes from being overwhelmed with caregiving.

    Join Victoria Lichtman as she opens the conversation about compassion fatigue and how it leaves your caregivers disempowered to offer the best care. Victoria has a proven program that touches on and works to help heal the emotions that underlie the burn-out. These powerful, experiential workshops will give Caregivers tools to:

    • Learn how to stay emotionally clear and balanced regardless of the emotional and physical condition of those for whom they care
    • Maintain the highest level of compassionate care, thereby increasing patient satisfaction and well-being
    • Improve listening and communication skills
    • Deal with, and reframe, emotions that arise in the context of caregiving
    • Enable them to continue to provide compassionate care for themselves and those under their care, by learning the tools that will help them stay balanced in the face of the pain and suffering of those for whom they care
    • Reduce chronic stress
    • Stand strong and provide superior care in the face of wrenching emotional work
    • Help establish and maintain a sense of meaning and gratification

    Each session includes discussion, visualization, introspection and sharing of experiences, thoughts & feelings.

What distinguishes us from other workshops

There are many resources for compassion fatigue out there. Victoria’s workshops differ from others in that, most often, others talk and teach, providing information and statistics. This works on the intellect, but not the emotional component of compassion fatigue. Workshops with Victoria are experiential and deal with the emotional challenges of on-going compassionate care. This work has been honed over several decades to be highly effective in helping participants uncover the blocks that prevent them from being fully present to the person for whom they are caring. It is these blocks that stand in the way of the resiliency needed to face the pain and suffering of those you care for and about.

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About Victoria

Victoria has been in the healing inductry for more than 30 years, with a focus on healing, self-awareness and creating compassion. Or six years she ran, a global on-line community that offered a free nightly telebridge call dedicated to providing empowerement, inspiration and healing. She has an MPS in Counseling wih a specialty in Life Transitions, is certified in NLP and is a certified Life Coach, an Accredited Senior Journey Practitioner, Conscious Leadership Coach and international speaker and presenter.

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