Call Calendar October 28 to November 3, 2013

Shayla Roberts
Monday, October 28, 2013

with Shayla Roberts & Victoria Lichtman
“Healing Cocoon”

We help ourselves heal when can enter a kind of cocoon where our only job is to let go of our ‘dis-ease’ and open to the possibilities inherent in ‘who we are becoming.’  Join Shayla and Victoria tonight as together they play, sing and create this sacred space … this healing cocoon space… in order to release what is no longer useful, and begin to develop a new picture of wholeness and wellness for yourself.



Tuesday, October 29, 2013
with Karen Kiemnec
“Byron Katie’s The Work
On tonight’s call, Karen will describe Byron Katie’s work, what it is and how to use it when you feel stuck or in a funk.  You’ll be amazed at the healing that can take place by using her four simple questions and then… the turnaround allowing you to gain real insight into your issues.



Wednesday, October 30, 2013
with Debbie Clarke
“I’m Melting!”

These are the famous last words of the Wicked Witch of the West.  In honor of the upcoming Halloween celebrations, where masks and costumes are the order of the day, let’s unmask the hurtful thoughts that create pain.  By exposing them to the light of Awareness,  they can simply melt away, to reveal the stillness within.  All that you need has always been right here inside of you.


AnneGoldberg May 10 2013
Thursday, October 31, 2013

with Anne Goldberg
“Vibration Stew – Gaining Control”

Science has proven that we, and everything in the universe, are nothing more than a swirling mass of energy.  Thoughts, words and actions have specific energy patterns, each with their own vibration.  So what does that mean for us?  How does the fact that we live in an energetic world impact our individual lives?  Once we become aware of how energy effects us, then we can exercise control to create something better for ourselves.  Join Anne on the call tonight for a brief discussion and meditation on how we can create change in ourselves and in our lives.


Our long-time and dear presenter, Susan King, is recuperating from pneumonia.  Our hearts and prayers are with her for a speedy recovery.  Tonight’s call will be a replay of one of Susan’s beautiful meditations.  We hope you enjoy it.

Friday, November 1, 2013
with Susan King, Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics

“What is Right and Wrong?”
Right and wrong are predominately based on the agreement of other people. Sometimes, we take these thoughts on as if they are fact and we follow these “rules” of what we consider right and wrong to the tee.  But… what if what we think is right or wrong creates stress in our lives? Yet, we follow them anyway! What truths do they really hold?  Are they indeed truths or just a belief you hold to be true based on someone else’s opinion?  Join Susan King tonight for a meditation that helps to remove these restrictive beliefs while liberating the real you.

Carolina-BooklessSpecial Series – 10 Saturday Nights of Support for
Brandon Bays’ Radical Healing Course

Saturday, November 2, 2013
with Carolina Bookless
“Radical Healing Call #5:
Module #3 – Freeing from Limiting Fears – Part 1    

Are you at cause or at effect in your life? At this very moment, I am not feeling like I can do this Nightly Healing gig.  I am at effect. The fear of rejection / judgment / not being enough… it is so rivetingly convincing. Yet I now know it to be nonsense.  In the past, when these flavours of fear would grip me, I would shy away from any type of exposure.  If this resonates with you in any way, join the call for a lively exchange as we explore the dynamics at play beneath the fears that hold us back from living life full out.   It’s time to expose the programs that are running our lives and move into being at cause in our lives. I look forward to our call.

Vicki close up from July 1 2013

Sunday, Nov 3, 2013
with Victoria Lichtman
“Set Your Intention for a Love and Purpose-Filled Week”

Join Victoria on the call tonight as, together, we choose to invoke a clear and powerful intention for the coming week.  Honor your journey and take this time for yourself to re-group, re-ground, re-connect and remember.  It’s a choice.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. Lao Tzu

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