Call Calendar May 27 to June 2, 2013

Shayla RobertsMonday, May 27, 2013
with Shayla Roberts

“Healing Cocoon”

Our process of healing happens in cycles as life’s challenges highlight the ways in which we do not feel quite whole and well. We help ourselves heal when can enter a kind of cocoon where our only job is to let go of our ‘dis-ease’ and open to the possibilities inherent in ‘who we are becoming.’ In her guided visualization, Shayla has us enter this healing cocoon space, release what is no longer useful, and begin to develop a new picture of wholeness and wellness.

Ann Kurtzman.1Tuesday, May 28, 2013
with Rev. Ann Kurtzman

“Journey to an Enchanted Cove”

Guided Imagery can be used in many ways, from enhancing healing, deepening relaxation, experiencing a deeper spiritual connection, accessing the subconscious or for unleashing one’s full potential.  Almost any aspect of life can be improved by the use of positive imagery. Tonight, let’s take a mini-vacation; a Journey to an Enchanted Cove. Leave your stress, cares and concerns behind and give yourself the gift of complete relaxation.

karen-kimenecWednesday, May 29, 2013
with Karen Kiemnec

“Facing Your Fears”

Is fear a major player in your life? Who would you be without that fear?  What if you were to face that fear?  Some say that fear is an acronym for “feel everything and release.” Karen will guide you in a meditation to face your biggest fear and let it go.

susanThursday, May 30, 2013
with Susan Buckley

“Attention!  Attention!”

When asked “What captures your attention?”, most would have a long laundry list….dishes in the sink, work, children, school, business, health, laundry, email; not to mention the barrage of media that wants your attention.  All of this is really just a smokescreen, a distraction, from where your attention truly belongs – on yourself…  I mean, your Divine Self.
Please join me on this call as, together, we turn our attention to the Spark of Divinity that is within us all; regardless of external appearances, focusing our attention on becoming more efficient in unfolding into our spiritual highest and best.

Susan_King_Friday, May 31, 2013
with Susan King

“Healing the Stress of Relationships – Part 3” 

The second most important cause of stress in our lives are our relationships.   Join Susan King each Friday for a series of meditations allowing you to dig down deeply into your subconscious mind to locate the old memories from birth that create the stress in your life today, thus leading to better relationships, more happiness and a sense of well-being. Part 3 of the series will focus on the relationship with the self… literally, ‘who am I’?

VickiLeadershipRedoneSaturday, June 1, 2013
with Victoria

“What Does the Word “healing Mean?

We use words.  They mean different things to different people.  The word ‘healing’ has so many meanings, on so many levels. What does it mean to you? What does it mean in your life?  Let’s explore.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

To Be Announced…

Something wonderful will be here.  Join us.


When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. Lao Tzu

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