Call Calendar March 17 – 23, 2014

Sarah_WiltshireMonday, March 17, 2014
with Sarah Wiltshire

“Embracing Spring Energies”

Embracing the new, Spring energies gives you the opportunity to welcome in new energy and flow.  At the same time there is an invitation to re-balance as you move from a quieter to a more active time.  Come on the call tonight and allow Sarah to guide you through this period of transition from stale winter energy to the vibrant new energies of Spring.

Ann KurtzmanTuesday, March 18, 2014
with Rev. Ann Kurtzman

“Take A Relaxing Mini-Vacation with Guided Meditation”

Treat yourself to a mini-vacation in your mind. Relax and unwind with a gentle mental voyage to a serene place. Let your cares and worries drift away … allow peace and healing to flow through  you. Release your stress, replenish yourself, body and soul! Become centered and serene. Right NOW, for just these few moments, bask in the sacredness of “this moment.”  Please join me!

AnneGoldberg May 10 2013
Wednesday, March 19, 20

with Anne Goldberg

“What’s the Point?”

Recently, my life has had significant ups and downs, and sometimes I wonder, “What’s going on here?”  Why the struggle?  Why the pain?  Why isn’t it easy?  And just when I feel like I have no more strength, I somehow find the resolve to move forward because the whole point is movement… growth… expansion… and, most of all, love.  Join me on Join me on the call tonight for a short discussion on “What’s the Point?” and then allow yourself to melt into a meditation designed to leave you feeling open and expansive.


Nick LeForceThursday, March 20
with Nick LeForce

“Live Your Life, Leave Your Legacy”

You are bombarded with the societal archetype of the life that matters: wealthy, beautiful, and glamorous; living “larger-than-life” at the top of the heap like Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, or Bill Gates; a cut-above everyone else and likely light-years from the life you live. There is very little space for you and me in the social real-estate of VIPs, but it lives in our psyche as the proving ground of personal worth. We are given the choice of either living an extraordinary life in the top 1% and being remembered or living an ordinary life and being forgotten. You may be overly anxious about what others think of you when you should really be concerned about whether or not you exist in their minds at all when you leave the room. How might you measure your impact on the world when you truly step outside of the social standard for the good life? The real question is: Are you making your mark or are you missing the mark in your life?

Susan_King_Friday, March 21, 2014
with Susan King, Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics

“Finding Peace”

Life is definitely an adventure, with a pendulum that swings both ways;  with events that bring about both positive and negative outcomes.  No matter what happens, meditation is wonderful tool that allows you to go inward, find answers to life’s challenges, making it easier to be the person you want to be. Spending a few minutes nourishing yourself with meditation is definitely a beautiful gift to yourself.  Join me on the call tonight.  I am sure you will gain something wonderful from it. 


VickiLeadershipRedoneSaturday, March 22, 2014
With Victoria Lichtman, Founder of Nightly Healing

“Age-ing to Sage-ing, Part #1: What Does It Mean?

Aging is a state of growing older…reminding us of the fragility of life…at any point looking back on our lives and seeing how we feel about how we have lived and the impact we have had on others.  Sage-ing is a process of spiritual and self-development that deepens self-awareness, enhances interpersonal relationships and hones communication skills.  When age-ing moves to sage-ing, we gain the opportunity to harvest our life experience to enrich the present moment…to touch who we really are inside and live in a place of authenticity. In being in touch with our own inner ‘sage’…and joining others in touch with theirs….we can put our accumulated wisdom to work.  Join the call as we revisit this popular 4-part series that will explore the fears, joys and personal growth associated with aging and the wisdom it brings. 


Sunday, March 23, 2014
with Matt Bunczk

“Letting Go of Attachments – A Meditation for Spring”

Just as we spring-clean our houses around this time of year, let’s take some time to spring-clean our awareness.  This meditation will focus on our attachments – attachments to how we wish things had gone in the past – as well as attachments to how we would like things to go in the future.  Even if we have attachments to what we would call wonderful things, these attachments can prevent us from truly residing in the present moment.  On this call, we will honor our attachments and let them go, so that we may be a clear, open vessel, allowing life to dance its dance through us in perfect purity.


 When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. Lao Tzu

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