Call Calendar July 8 to 14, 2013

Caly LehrerMonday, July 8, 2013
with Caly  Lehrer

“Calling on All Angels”          

Join Caly as she continues to focus on her meditation series, “Calling On All Angels.” Tonight Caly will ask Nightly Healing listeners what is here for them and then based upon the feedback, call on various archangels for intervention and guidance with whatever is present for those on the call. These “in the moment” calls are quite popular, as oftentimes all the listeners on the call are experiencing the same/similar situations.

scoutTuesday, July 9, 2013
with Scout Wilkins

“Risk, Leap, Dream, Dare”

What does it take to change things you want to change?  For starters, quit resisting or fighting what is happening, and quit making yourself wrong.  Go deeper into letting yourself be OK, just as you are, so you can release the judgments that keep you stuck.  These are experiential calls. Come feel how good it feels, to let yourself be OK. And how much easier it is to create movement in your life, when you do.

Arnold TimmermanWednesday, July 10, 2013
with Arnold Timmerman

“The Healing Essence of True Authenticity”

Welcome to this talk with Arnold Timmerman, the initiator of Leadingship.  Arnold is a former head trainer and key presenter for Brandon Bay’s worldwide Journey seminars and currently a Leadingship coach, trainer, seminar presenter, author and keynote speaker who has directly influenced tens of thousands of people’s lives by allowing true authenticity to be the guiding force – both privately and professionally.  The theme of this talk will be ‘The Healing Essence of True Authenticity’, which covers the healing application that Leadingship offers to our lives. After decades of having lived a life of personal intention, agenda and actions, many people in our western civilization seem to have lost touch with the true authentic essence of who they are. The confusion, disconnection and relentlessly required action has led to stress, burnout and even worse.  Allowing true & unique authenticity to become the leading force in our lives opens the doors to true healing – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. It allows us to rest, relax, rejuvenate and live in tune with Life’s agenda. Life wants to be expressed through your authentic being without the shoulds, have-to’s, musts and responsibilities. It can then start healing what wants to be healed. You want to know how?  Come and join this call with Arnold and Victoria.
CLICK HERE to read more about Arnold!

VickiLeadershipRedoneThursday, July 11, 2013
with Victoria

“Awareness 101 – Call #4 in a Special Series :
The Basics of Discovering Oneself and Living For You

I hear over and over the simple desire from people to know more…to discover who they are.  Many of these people became aware of unwittingly living by other’s rules and beliefs…desires and expectations.  It was and is pervasive in all aspects of their lives.  They became aware of what it has and continues to cost them in their lives…themselves.  It has become uncomfortable, or actually painful, to live like this and it has cost them knowing who they are, the values they would choose to live by, the ‘me’ they would want to live their life as.  They have been ‘outwardly focused’…knowing, comparing and judging themselves by what is outside of ‘self’.  I actually find myself still doing it sometimes.  So I ask, what is it costing you?  Is it time to start living as you?  For you?  Come join me in this series of calls to go back to the basics of self discovery.  I look forward to being with you.

Susan_King_Friday, July 12, 2013
with Susan King, Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics

“The Inward Journey”  

Changing who you are can be a difficult task.  Many years of traditions, cultural knowledge, social rules and parental guidance creates many layers of thought patterns that cover the beautiful glowing soul that you are.  One simple way to help you uncover that shining glow – smothered under years of exposure to do’s and don’t’s – is to take a moment, turn inward and listen.  Join Susan tonight to share a few moments of an inward journey that allows for positive shifts to take effect on the sub-conscious level. These shifts will filter upwards with ease, allowing your intentions for change to manifest.

Sarah_WiltshireSpecial Series –
10 Saturday Nights of Support for
Brandon Bays’ Radical Healing Course

Saturday, July 13, 2013
with Sarah Wiltshire

“Radical Healing Call #6:  Module #3 –
Freeing from Limiting Fears – Part 2″

When I was small, I liked to have the landing light on, so that a little bit of light came through my partially opened door.  To have gone to sleep in total darkness would have felt too scary – what might have been waiting to grab me from out of that darkness?  Whilst I don’t need the light on now as an adult, this has been replaced by other fears, particularly fear of failure.  So my mind says if I don’t just attempt that presentation, engage with new people, or go for what I really want – then I don’t need to face failure. Great! …not so great, because it leaves me in a double bind, if I keep myself safe I don’t move forward, and if I move forward I have to experience fear!  Join Sarah to look at ways of freeing yourself from the grip that fear can have over you, ultimately leaving you able to embrace it as a helpful rather than hindering part of your healing journey.

VickiLeadershipRedoneSunday, July 14, 2013
with Victoria

“Set Your Intention for a Love & Purpose Filled Week”

Join us on this call as, together, we choose to invoke a clear and powerful intention for the coming week. Honor your journey and take this time for yourself to re-group, re-ground, re-connect and remember.
It’s a choice.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. Lao Tzu

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