Call Calendar July 22nd to 28th

douglas_purcellMonday, July 22, 2013
with Douglas Purcell

“Renewing the Connection to Your Soul”

On this call, Douglas will teach you how to connect to your soul using breath and a technique called the micro cosmic orbit.  These simple techniques assist you in connecting to your Divinity, helping you to be more aware and grounded.


SharonTuesday, July 23, 2013
with Sharon Sedgwick

“Beliefs… What are they Really?”

In keeping with the theme of this week, Sharon is going to delve into belief.  Is what you believe real?  Is what you believe about yourself true?  Or are they just perceptions?  Join Sharon tonight for a deeper understanding of what is real and what is not.

karen-kimenecWednesday, July 24, 2013
with Karen Kiemnec

 “Finding Answers”

What if you could pose a question to your Higher Self or your intuition or that part of you that is your God-self?  What is an issue that needs clarification in your life right now or an area where you’re stuck?  Join Karen on the call tonight for a meditation to begin to find answers.

Susan BuckleyThursday, July 25, 2013
with Susan Buckley

“Moving Life”

My daughter and I have now moved 3 times in the past 12 months. Whew!  Like so many ‘adventures’ in our lives, we had no idea what we would experience, where we would land and what would enrich our lives when we started.  Join me on the call tonight and share about the challenges, gifts and surprises that can come our way through change of any kind and how we can streamline ourselves, inside and out, for enjoying ‘Moving Lite’.

Susan_King_Friday, July 26, 2013
with Susan King, Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics

“Creating New Beliefs”

Dig deeply into your being and find the blocks that keep you stuck and unable to move from fear.  Identify the beliefs that may hold you back and restore a new consciousness by instilling new inspiring and fortifying beliefs that produce results and fortify your being with radiant health & wellness of being.

Sharon-Turton1Special Series – 10 Saturday Nights of Support for
Brandon Bays’ Radical Healing Course

Saturday, July 27, 2013
with Sharon Turton 

“Radical Healing Call #8:  Module #4 – Negative Beliefs – Part 2”

I have lived in a cage most of my life! I didn’t realize that I was…but I was! It was the cage of my own limiting beliefs that held me back from living the life I dreamed of, from living as the ‘me’ that I knew was deep inside, from living in freedom and authenticity as my true self.  Even though I consciously knew what I wanted in life, it always felt just out of my reach….just beyond my safety zone. The little voice inside kept me small and supposedly safe inside my unconscious, and unhealthy, belief-imposed cage and I never dared to step out… even though the door was always wide open!  The Journey has given me ‘the key’ to my freedom. Not only my own freedom but also taught me to bring my daughter up as a confident, compassionate and empowered teenager who IS living without the confines of generational baggage and limiting beliefs that I took on board as a young child.  This work is so important for future generations and the future of our beautiful planet.  I hope you can join me tonight as I share my path to stepping out of that cage, and we explore your blocks and limiting beliefs that might have been unconsciously keeping you entrapped and separate from your true self.

VickiLeadershipRedoneSunday, July 28, 2013
with Victoria

Awareness 101 – Call #5 In a Special Series
The Basics of Discovering Oneself and Living For You”

I hear over and over the simple desire from people to know more…to discover who they are.  Many of these people became aware of unwittingly living by other’s rules and beliefs…desires and expectations.  It was and is pervasive in all aspects of their lives.  They became aware of what it has and continues to cost them in their lives…themselves.  It has become uncomfortable, or actually painful, to live like this and it has cost them knowing who they are, the values they would choose to live by, the ‘me’ they would want to live their life as.  They have been ‘outwardly focused’…knowing, comparing and judging themselves by what is outside of ‘self’.  I actually find myself still doing it sometimes.  So I ask, what is it costing you?  Is it time to start living as you?  For you?  Come join me in this series of calls to go back to the basics of self discovery.  I look forward to being with you.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. Lao Tzu

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