Call Calendar August 26 to September 1, 2013

Shayla RobertsMonday, August 26, 2013
with Shayla Roberts

“Healing Cocoon, with Victoria Lichtman”

We help ourselves heal when can enter a kind of cocoon where our only job is to let go of our ‘dis-ease’ and open to the possibilities inherent in ‘who we are becoming.’  Join Shayla and Victoria tonight as together they play, sing and create this sacred space … this healing cocoon space… in order to release what is no longer useful, and begin to develop a new picture of wholeness and wellness for yourself.

karen-kimenecTuesday, August 27, 2013
with Karen Kiemnec

“Releasing Struggle, Part 2”

What if, instead of focusing on what’s wrong with a troubling situation, you focused your energy and attention on the blessings in it?  Yes, sometimes when you’re in the thick of it, that’s difficult.  How about practicing gratitude in each situation until it becomes a habit?  On the call tonight, Karen will offer a meditation to look for the good in every “problem.”

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
with Debbie Clark

“Vacation State of Mind”

Summer is winding down and vacation season is coming to an end.  If only we could sustain that “vacation state of mind” all year long.  Join Debbie on the call to take a mini vacation by getting quiet and unpacking all your worries.  Allow the timeless art of meditation and visualization to take you within.  When you go within….you are never without!


VickiLeadershipRedoneThursday, August 29, 2013

“An Exploration of Expectations”

I had a go-around this past week with mammograms and ultrasound and suspected nodules in my breast.  I saw doctors and walked into an oncologist’s office for the first time for myself.  I am fine, it was only a scare.  Yet I realized that there has been an inner voice in me over the years that, with every clean mammogram said, ‘You escaped it this time’.  And even more importantly, I realized there has been an expectation of breast cancer.  My mom had it, ‘So I will’ was conditioned into me.  And I ask myself, what other conditioning is there?  And even deeper…how has holding onto it served me?  This gave me renewed compassion for all those facing these challenges. Join me for this very personal exploration of holding expectations, and asking… how do they serve you and are you willing to discover them and let them go?

Susan_King_Friday, August 30, 2013
with Susan King,
Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics

The Path to Discovering Who You Are”

Life is a journey with many wonderful facets to it that help create the person you are today. There are also just as many philosophies that have been created over the thousand of years mankind has been on this earth to help us understand who we are. And underneath, in all this is the very essences of who you really are. Each and every meditation is geared towards finding that beautiful light within. Join in tonight’s meditation and you just might discover one more beautify facet of what makes you who you are in the perfection of it all.

Special Follow-Up Support Calls for Brandon Bays’ Radical Healing course
Saturday, August 31, 2013
with Carolina Bookless & Victoria Lichtman

The first Radical Healing course is complete.  It was deeply profound with a beautiful community of people seeking healing and truth in their lives.  These Saturday nights are designed to support the participants’ ongoing healing process.  Whether you participated in Radical Healing or not, we are here to support and empower you on your own personal healing journey and welcome you to join these calls.

Sunday, September 1, 2013
with Victoria Lichtman

“Set Your Intention for a Love & Purpose-Filled Week”

Join us on this call as, together, we choose to invoke a clear and powerful intention for the coming week.  Honor your journey and take this time for yourself to re-group, re-ground, re-connect and remember.  It’s a choice.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. Lao Tzu

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