Call Calendar April 8 to April 14, 2013

Caly LehrerMonday, April 8, 2013
with Caly Lehrer

“Calling on All Angels”

Join Caly as she continues to focus on her meditation series, “Calling On All Angels.” Tonight Caly will ask Nightly Healing listeners what is here for them and then, based upon the feedback, call on various archangels for intervention and guidance with whatever is present for those on the call. These “in the moment” calls are quite popular, as oftentimes all the listeners on the call are experiencing the same/similar situations.

debbie-clarkeTuesday, April 9, 2013
with Debbie Clarke

“The Power of Forgiveness”

Forgiveness is an important element in the healing process.  Sometimes the most difficult part is to forgive ourselves.  Join Debbie on the call every Tuesday in April to bring awareness to the act of forgiveness and experience the benefits that self-forgiveness can provide.  It is truly a gift “for giving” to yourself.

Ann Kurtzman.1Wednesday, April 10, 2013
with Rev. Ann Kurtzman

“Climb Your Mountain”

Join Ann for a beautiful guided imagery meditation.  We all have challenges…and we all have baggage.  This guided imagery is about letting go, in order to achieve your goal.  And empowering your spirit by tapping into resources of strength you didn’t know you have.

loriThursday, April 11, 2013
with Bhadra Lakshmi

“Let’s Be Creative…Going Even Deeper”

When creativity is fully allowed to flow, we feel most deeply connected to our soul and in alignment with what really matters. Whenever we are expressing our highest, most authentic self, whether that be through a piece of art or music, through veritable communication with another or through solving one of life’s challenges, we experience the greatest sense of happiness, harmony, purpose and peace. What would it really take to live each day in the divine creative flow and to allow inspiration to direct your life? Who would you have to become to allow life to pull every ounce of creative genius from you?   Join Bhadra as she supports you in exploring these questions while identifying and clearing your limiting beliefs, labels, rules, stereotypes and identities around creativity that have impeded your full creative expression.

Susan_King_Friday, April 12, 2013
with Susan King

“Finding Happiness”

Socrates, one of the greatest prophets of all times, said that the goal of mankind is to find happiness.  This remarkable statement is the intention I keep in mind for the meditations I create  to share with you every Friday night on Nightly Healing.  Tune in tonight and find out how this goal can be achieved by clearing the path of old behavior patterns that keep you from the happiness that is inherent to all of us.

SharonSaturday, April 13, 2013
with Sharon Sedgwick

“8 Minute Meditations – Week 6, Private Screening (Non-Resistance)”

The American Medical Association (AMA) says that over 70% of all diseases are caused by stress and yet, most of us, including myself, don’t always take the time to de-stress and recharge.  Join me for 8 Saturdays and learn 8 different 8-minute meditations, each providing a different way to calm, center and refocus…each a beautiful tool to have in your life’s toolbox!  At least one, if not all, of these methods is sure to speak to you.  You can do it!!  8 minutes out of your day can change your life!

Victoria LichtmanSunday, April 14, 2013
with Victoria

“Set Your Intention for A Love-Filled Week”

Join me on this call as, together, we choose to invoke a clear and powerful intention to be in a place of love and connection for the coming week. Honor your journey and take this time for yourself to re-group, re-ground, re-connect and remember.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. Lao Tzu

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