Radical Healing with Brandon Bays

It's finally here!

For many years now on Nightly Healing, you have heard us mention Brandon Bays and The Journey. FINALLY there is a course available for you to experience this transformational healing modality for yourself.

It is rare for me to say I strongly endorse something, but in this case I do with all my heart. Nightly Healing is partnering with The Journey in bringing this to you and will provide extra support in the Nightly Healing calls throughout the course. I am proud and excited to be a part of it.

CLICK HERE for information on Radical Healing Journey, a 10 week healing online program!!

Brandon Bay's teaching in The Journey was, and continues to be, life changing for me. It is the deepest emotional and physical healing work I have seen and it started me on my true healing path. My deepest prayer to share this work was the inspiration that started Nightly Healing. And now I can share it with you in a new, accessible, fully supported and effective way.

The online healing program, Radical Healing Journey, will allow you to undergo your own healing journey in the comfort of your own home. Throughout the 10 week session, you will have tremendous ongoing online support in several ways, including powerful processes with Brandon and interaction with 25 top Journey practitioners picked just for this event... Including myself.

About the program...

  • The program begins June 8th. Registration ends May 28...so if you are interested, don't waste time... please sign up right away.
  • Every week you will receive an email with a link for the new teaching segment from Brandon. This will be followed by an invitation to a live group meeting where you will be able to interact with each other (using audio and video).

You will have many levels of support to help you to deepen your journey and achieve your best results, including...

  • An accountability partner with whom you can swap your personal processes. You will be given scripts you can use.
  • The magical presence of some of the most skilled Journey practitioners in the world. They will be wrapping a loving embrace of support throughout the program and you will have the opportunity to undergo your own individual Journey process with one of them.
  • A platform that makes it very easy for you to learn the teachings and keep track of your own private progress.
  • A community in which to share and grow with each other.
  • Nightly Healing calls supporting you throughout the course.

CLICK HERE to learn about and register for the Radical Healing Journey program.

Over the past 20 years The Journey has reached millions of people in 44 countries. In this program, you are being offered the most powerful parts of their program...all the core teachings and powerful techniques... in a truly accessible format in a loving community.

As always...
ENJOY your sacred journey.

With tremendous love and gratitude,
Victoria Lichtman
Founder: Nightly Healing

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