Arnold Timmerman


Arnold Timmerman

International Author, Speaker and

Initiator of

“Leadingship …

… The Next Dimension in Personal Leadership Development”

Personal development expert & thought leader, Arnold Timmerman, has been working around the globe since 2004. As a former head trainer and key presenter for Brandon Bay’s worldwide Journey seminars and currently as Leadingship coach, trainer, seminar presenter, author and keynote speaker, he has directly influenced tens of thousands of people’s lives by allowing true authenticity to be the guiding force – both privately and professionally.ding force – both privately and professionally.

Arnold is known for his deep understanding of the human experience, his paradigm-busting, yet playful, focus on self-inquiry and his never ending willingness to lead individuals, audiences, teams and organizations beyond the horizons of ‘the comfortable known’.

These elements have all been embodied by his latest innovative work called Leadingship.  Through practical self-inquiry, Leadingship strips away all our conditioned ideas and attachments of who we should be – as a person, parent, friend, colleague, coach, manager, CEO or even organization.  It then opens the doors to an uncompromising engagement with life from the starting point of who we are.

Arnold often refers to Leadingship as ‘the new wave of non-personal development’.  His favorite questions to kick-start any self-inquiry and transformational change are:

–          If true authenticity and passion were in charge…

–          If leading and flowing were non-personal…

–          If inspiration was not your responsibility…

–          If life lived you…who would you be?’

Leadingship facilitation has found its way to international audiences through Arnold’s book, blogs, seminars, ‘Inspired by Nature’ retreats and his work with organizations and individual change-agents (coaches, trainers, facilitators, senior managers and executives).

At the early age of 12, Arnold’s life was overhauled by his first awakening experience.  Ever since, his drive has been to ‘wake up’ as many people as he can to the adventurous and mind-blowing beauty of life’s experiences.  When not working, Arnold is loving life as a partner and father, or by exploring new horizons through paragliding, speed-skiing, climbing, mountain hiking, trail running and scuba-diving.  

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