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Victoria Lichtman, Founder
Speaks about Nightly Healing

“Nightly Healing empowers people around the world with potent and practical tools to live their lives with more joy… more peace… more fulfillment and more love.”
~ Victoria

So many people are suffering in some way or another. And there is an attachment to that suffering because often it is how we identify who we are. It is not who we are. It’s who we are not.

So the question arises…what is Nightly Healing?

ightly Healing is a free service. It’s a time every night where people come and just stop …take a deep breath... and mindfully slow down... to reconnect and experience the consciousness of oneness and healing.

It is a place where people can be themselves, where there is no judgment... merely acceptance and love.

Healing is what so many people deeply desire in their lives – to let go of whatever suffering they are experiencing and be able to live in peace, joy, love and connection.

Nightly, we offer guided visualizations, meditations and conversations that help you deal with stress, fear, anger... whatever is happening in your life.
Become part of a community
that accepts you unconditionally,
wherever and however you are upon your path.
Our soul desire is for you to feel empowered...
To step ever deeper into
Your wisdom and potential
With support, inspiration and love.

May thousands heal nightly. May there be more.

What our listeners say...

Nightly Healing™ is here to embrace and support you in your life’s healing process…emotionally, physically and spiritually. We support all who come to be empowered to discover and stand strong in who they really are, no matter what is taking place in life. Our calls seek to facilitate the opening of pathways to personal growth.

We are not a cure, nor do we believe that a ‘cure’ is all that healing is. We are not medical doctors nor do we claim that Nightly Healing™ will diagnose, treat or cure any condition or disease or act as a substitute for any care with your physician or medical advisors. We are not psychologists, therapists or mental health professionals and what is presented is not to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or psychiatric advice. We recommend that you consult your physician or mental health professional for any medical or psychological condition as you see fit.

You must follow your heart in seeking treatment and tools for your healing. We encourage you to be discerning and make the choices that are right for you, your health and your safety. Nightly Healing proudly supports all of its presenters in the work they do. Each of them represents an opportunity for healing and opening to a vibrant, love-filled life. That said, please know that Nightly Healing makes no representations, claims or promises regarding any healing outcome, as healing is a very personal journey that each of you takes.

With GREAT love, Nightly Healing™

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